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About Us

Carolyn, Daughter of Marie is based on the belief that domestic violence is not an option. Too many lives are lost through acts of domestic abuse. Too many children are left motherless or fatherless. We all must work together to end this worldwide epidemic. No race is immune to domestic violence. Too many silent voices die before they have a chance to speak. Too many unknown cases go unreported. If you or anyone you may know is in danger, please seek help before it's too late.'s fight or flight. If you are an abuser, please seek help also. Please visit "Resource Links" for helpful information.

Carolyn, Daughter of Marie: A Collection of Poetry is available online at:

For a personal autographed copy, please call (919) 201-9471 or email

May be purchased locally in Henderson, NC at:

Abagayle's Books & Collectibles · Official site Abagayle's Books. Used Books & Collectibles. 405 S. Garnett St. Henderson, NC 27536. 252-436-2665

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