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Before life removed all of my innocence

Before life removed all of my innocence.........

I believed:

If you died…you went to Heaven and would return in a few days.

No one in their right mind would harm children.

There really was a Santa Claus.

If you ate spinach, you would have muscles like Popeye the Sailorman.

My Grandma Lucille would live forever.

Sex was nasty.

Babies did not come out of a woman’s “you know what”.

I would never have a baby if it had to come out of my “you know what”.

One day I would marry Michael Jackson.

I would never give up playing with dolls.

When I grew up, I would buy all the candy I wanted.

I would never have any enemies.

It didn’t matter if you were black or white.

I would make enough money to feed all the starving kids in Africa.

….and most of all

I believed one day I would become a published author!

One out of 15 isn’t bad!!!

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