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Carolyn, Daughter of Marie 3.wmv

Tribute to Mom


Daughter of 


I am Carolyn, Daughter of Marie,

With sacred memories as fragile as a ship on a stormy sea.

Her life cut short by domestic abuse

one spring, so tragically,

Six kids at Easter rehearsal

when she tried to flee.

Ran across the road

to her sister’s house,

Assailant following close behind

like a cat chasing a mouse.

Screen door ripped

blood, blood everywhere,

On the wall & on a chair.

Vows once taken

“Till Death Do Us Part”,

Came to pass with a stab to her heart.

On that fateful day, I was only seven,

Thought she would return soon from God’s Heaven.

I waited and waited with a tear-stained face,

Vowing to let no one ever take her place.

I am Carolyn, Daughter of the “Late” Marie,

to help ease my pain, I write poetry.

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