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Through a Child’s Eyes (Domestic Abuse)

Daddy’s yelling

mommy’s crying,

He screams he’s doing his best

he says he’s really trying.

Times are hard

jobs are few,

He hits my mommy

now she’s black & blue.

He blames mommy

for all that isn’t right,

He comes home drunk

and wants to fight.

He yells to us

“Go to your room”,

Then he beats mommy

with a broom.

She cries and moans

in such great pain,

He beats her some more

and calls her bad names.

We are afraid

so we keep still,

He’s like a hungry lion prancing

on its kill.

He’s covered in red

as he walks out the door,

My mommy lays motionless

on the floor.

They take my mommy

and put her in the ground,

They take my daddy

and send him out of town.

I know my mommy

can’t really be gone,

So I sit & wait

for her to come back home.

They told me my mommy

has gone to Heaven,

I can’t believe she left me

for I am only seven.

Carolyn Estes

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