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Email from reader:

My name is Marion and I wanted to say thank you for your page, My friend is a victim of domestic violence and I have offered to help her, and in looking for information found your helpful page.

I would like to suggest another resource page on Domestic Violence Awareness that was also a big help:  

I don't know if you are updating your site, but this article may also be a nice addition for others looking for information.

Thank you for listening,


Domestic Violence Awareness Guide

Written by Michele Wheat

Domestic violence is one of the fastest growing problems that are faced primarily by women today. In fact, nearly one in three women have faced some type of violence from a partner in their life. Domestic violence and abuse has been in the news more frequently recently, but it is still a crime that most victims keep silent about.Domestic violence and abuse can take many different forms. Domestic violence can be summarized as defined by the FBI as "behavior in which one intimate partner uses physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, isolation, and emotional, sexual, or economic abuse to control the other partner in a relationship." Despite the dangers that the abused person is in, it is an issue that is not reported enough because of fear of retaliation.Looking at the warning signs is a way that victims and others can spot possible abuse. The warning signs can vary from physical signs such as cuts, bruises, and broken bones to emotional signs such as a drastic change in mood. Friends and family should also be on the alert for these signs. If spotted, the victim should be urged to consider ways to be protected.Domestic violence and abuse is a large problem in our society today and help is available. Many agencies are available to assist victims in removing them from the situation. If not, victims of domestic abuse are running the risk of serious injury or even death, to them or their children. Below are several resources to learn more about the problem of domestic violence and abuse. We hope this information can be helpful to you or others that are contending with an abusive relationship. Please feel free to share this information with others in need.What is Domestic Violence?

Definitions of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Awareness

Legal Definition of Domestic Violence

Department of Justice Definition

Domestic Violence Definitions

Domestic Violence Statistics

Domestic Violence National Statistics

Domestic Violence Hotline Facts and Figures

Domestic Violence Cases

Family Violence Statistics

National Survey

Warning Signs of Abuse and Violence

Domestic Violence and Abuse Signs

Violence and Abuse Can Happen to Anyone

Warning Signs of an Abusive Person

Domestic Abuse and Violence Information

Am I Being Abused?

Stopping and Helping Domestic Violence Victims

Prevent Domestic Violence in the Community

Preventing Domestic Violence

Stopping Domestic Violence

Suggestions on Preventing Domestic Violence

Ways That Everyone Can Prevent Violence and Abuse

Domestic Abuse and Violence Resources

National Coalition Resources

National Hotlines and Resources

Victim and Survivor Hotline

Additional Resources

Resource Center on Domestic Violence

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